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The Community Health Foundation was formed in 2006 after the sale of the non-profit Via Christi Hospital to a for profit hospital. Via Christi had operated a health foundation for many years to aid community members with meeting their healthcare needs. The board of the Via Christi hospital felt strongly that a foundation of some kind needed to continue assisting our community even though it could not be operated by a for profit institution. Via Christi and the purchasing hospital worked together to endow and create a separate foundation to do just that. The result is the Community Health Foundation which has been working to improve the health of Kay County since that time. 

Our Vision

The vision of the Community Health Foundation is a healthier Kay County, Oklahoma due to the efforts and contributions of the Foundation.

Our Mission

The Community Health Foundation exists to improve the health of the citizens of Kay County through programming, education, scholarships, partnerships, and grants.

Our Values

*Fostering strong partnerships between the Community Health Foundation and local health-related organizations and providers.

*Setting a standard of integrity and accountability.

*Being good stewards of our resources while contributing to and supporting area organizations and our scholarship program.

*Embracing diversity while serving and contributing to the health of all citizens of Kay County regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status.

Our Mission

Community Health Foundation of Kay County

PO Box 828 Ponca City, OK 74602

(580) 765-0581

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